Data Processing

Data processing is a systematic process performed with a computer for entering, capturing, retrieving, digitizing, processing, manipulating and organizing customer's data by means of word processing, image processing, form processing, data entry from various sources and converting them into a data base with specific required format. Later on the database are analyzed and some research are done for making it meaningful information from which the management can take effective decision for smooth running of the business.

Soft Data Survey, a leading offshore based company in data processing services, offers a one stop solution for executing enormous volume data processing projects for example data base development and mailing list assemblage, keypunching from images,data mining from web, electronic publication, file conversion from pdf to word or capture of data in excel etc. Soft Data Survey has 10+ years experience of executing business or commercial data processing whether it may be one-time project or a regular project. Soft Data Survey can extract data from various sources like books, manuals, periodicals, research papers etc., customer Lists, warranty registrations, trade show contacts, Business cards, catalogs, and any other sources and can distribute the same in any format as for example Microsoft Word (*.doc), Microsoft Access (*.mdb), Microsoft Excel (*.xls), Database (*.dbf), Adobe Portable Document Format (*.pdf), HTML, XML etc.

The following features put Soft Data Survey ahead of their competitors for data processing services

  •  Asynchronous data processing SystemData Processing Services
  •  Scalable and distributed algorithms
  •  Intellectual data mining techniques
  •  High-speed data communication lines
  •  High tech Modem and Routers
  •  Laser Jet, Desk Jet, and Dot Matrix Printers
  •  Several data/document servers over LAN/WAN.
  •  Windows 2000 Advanced Server and back servers
  •  Dynamic provisioning for big data processing
  •  An experienced team of IT and business analysts
  •  Outstanding data migration and synchronization
  •  High standards of personal and professional ethics
  •  Capacity of keying & processing 5,000 pages per day
  •  Highly accurate and quality data processing services
  •  Nonstop power supply with back-up UPS and generators
  •  Dedicated leased line for high speed Internet access
  •  High speed Scanners with high resolution performance levels
  •  Top-notch infrastructure and technologies mingled with proven methodologies
  •  2 centers of operations within same locality covering 10,000 sq.ft office premises
  •  Infallible security and confidentiality with execution of stringent privacy policy adhering to international standards